How do we use your donations?

Academic research

Right now we are building the right materials for the program, so we want to be sure we are choosing the right sources and professionals to help us. We think that the group of experts we have is our best asset in this initial phase.

Development and maintenance of free-access content

Thanks to your contributions we can keep all the content we generate online, allowing it to continue helping parents and children.

How to make a donation

We are currently in the development stage of the program, so we offer you some suggested donation options so that you can be part of our initiative. Those who help us will be the first to receive the results of our effort as a thank you for their support.

You Are IT is a public charity under 501(c)(3), so you can deduct your contribution from your tax returns.

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Thank you for your support

More ways to contribute!

If you have a broadcast medium such as a radio station, podcast or news show, we can introduce You Are IT to your audience.

We encourage you to promote You Are IT on social media!