The life advice we've all needed at some point

This program is designed to support children and teens in their personal development as individuals, helping them deal with the social pressures that affect them from an increasingly early age, as well as the academic stress and psychological problems generated by expectations and modern dynamics. Our goal is that boys and girls can have a full and happy childhood, to  reach adulthood with life tools that provide them with confidence, as well as healthy goals based on their interests and talents.

Who is it for?

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Each stage of children’s growth is important to us. We have thought of different activities and materials according to their age.

Introducing our program ViBi

Vibi is an emotional education program that teaches you to connect with joy.

The universal purpose of all human beings is to BE HAPPY. However, they do not teach us how to achieve it.  Vibi provides life tools for your daily life that help you connect with joy even during difficult times. 

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Get to now the content of every module of Vibi

1. Connect with joy

  • What is happiness and where to get it?
  • Life tools to help you connect with happiness
  • Differences between pleasure and happiness

2. The foundations of happiness

  • Know the foundations of happiness
  • Application of the foundations of happiness to build a happy life

3. The Mind

  • How does the mind work?
  • Find out why you react the way you do
  • Learn to handle your emotions

4. Communication

  • Discover the power of the words
  • Learn to manage conflict
  • The importance of saying no and lovingly setting limits

5. Design your best version of YOU

  • Learn to be happy using positive language
  • Get rid of limiting beliefs
  • Learn to measure your levels of joy

6. Design the life you desire

  • Design a life plan reflecting your purpose
  • Plan your goals in the short, medium and long term
  • Apply filters to your goals to see if they are achievable or not

7. Design your happiness manual.

In this chapter you will choose which tools are for you and you will be able to design a reference manual that will help you connect with happiness whenever you want

The influence of the environment

Children cannot achieve optimal development in isolation, the environment is essential to achieve stability and personal development, that is why our program is designed so that families and schools can be an active part of this initiative.

Parents and families

Parents participate in exercises and dynamics with their children, since they must understand  to the problems, goals and aspirations that their children may have. The family environment can become the most frustrating part of children’s  life if they are not  adequately supported.

Educators and schools

At You Are IT we believe that school is also an environment that can greatly support the personal development of children. Educators will be able to incorporate the various modules of the program with exercises that complement academic growth.

How will the program work?

We currently have two priorities to be able to help children and teens, these parallel projects are developed to be able to help in a more complete way

Free-access content

We want our program to be accessible to everyone, so we are building an online educational platform, with supporting videos, downloadable documents and easy-to-do exercises

Research and resources

We are currently preparing the material for the various programs. In our library we share  our reference materials recommended by experts in the field.

Where are we currently?

At this time we are developing our program, as well as reviewing and improving the proposal with our professional team. Every contribution we receive is very important to reach our goal.

Phase 1

Design phase

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Team Building
  3. Draft Ideas
  4. Seed Money for Planning

Phase 2

Development and implementation

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Team Building
  3. Draft Ideas
  4. Seed Money for Planning

Phase 3


  1. Brainstorming
  2. Team Building
  3. Draft Ideas
  4. Seed Money for Planning