You Are IT: supporting the emotional development of our children

We are a non-profit organization created to support
children and teens in their psycho-emotional development.

Children and teens experience increasingly high levels of stress,
anxiety, and depression. You Are IT teaches them how to manage their emotions and connect with joy in challenging situations.

You Are IT encourage children and teens to discover who they are and embrace their strengths and talents.

Jointly with Vibi, You Are IT developed a program in
Spanish for adults to optimize their mental and emotional health.

Our goal is to prepare such program in English.

We are also preparing similar program for children and teens
where they canto explore learn these life tools directly in an
entertaining and interacting way.
Every donation we receive helps us reach this goal!

Launch of You Are It in Bolivia

Gabriela Carias Green’s interview

Emily Green’s interview

What is our youth facing today?

Today our children are confronted with many more stimuli than all previous generations: social media, content on demand  and numerous fashions that spread at great speed. 

According to research, social media and new trends have made young people and children find themselves in constant comparison and competition with their peers. Although internet advantages can be of great help, they have also shifted social dynamics causing multiple emocional problems

An issue that needs the proper attention

Of mental health issues start by age 14
0 %
Of 10-14 year-olds experience an anxiety disorder
0 %
Of children and teens experience mental disorder
0 %
This data is supported by WHO research through 2021, and reflects how roles and pressures have changed in recent years.

We want to make things better

We believe many teens and young adults lack a healthy psycho-emotional development, even when they are part of a stable family and their basic needs are well covered.

You Are IT wants  to create a support program to prevent children from developing emotional problems, and give them  tools to help them feel comfortable with themselves and prevent future mental health issues.

Our core values

Social-Emotional Learning

Learn self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision- making.

Positive Psychology

Study of the strengths (talents) that contribute to individual and community thriving and well-being.

Mindfulness Awareness

Learn and practice mindful awareness to develop focused attention, emotional balance, and well-being.


Learn about the concept of neuroplasticity, and how your brain regulates emotions.

Made to strenghten family bonds

Parents participate in exercises and dynamics with their children and teens to understand their challenges, goals and aspirations. The family environment can become the most frustrating part of their life if they feel inadequately supported. 

Perfect to be shared at school

At You Are IT, we believe that schools can greatly support the emotional development of children.

Educators will be able to incorporate You Are IT’s  various programs with exercises that complement academic growth.

Free-access material for all

Parents and educators will have free access to the content of the basic program for children and teens.

You Are IT wants to touch as many lives as possible.